I love finding great places to eat!

I guess you could say I'm a foodie. I like trying new foods and finding new places to hang out. I think food should really be worth the calories, time and money you spend. Most of all, I love telling people about it, especially if it's cheap!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Vidalia!

We decided to have a double date night with the Grayson's at this place we stumbled upon about a week before called Vidalia.  Vidalia is a chill spot along M Street, NW near Connetticut Ave, on the basement level of an office building. 

Although one might consider Vidalia a place for fine dining, it's actually pretty affordable and a great place for a weekly date night with your honey as well as a special occasion with your family.  Vidalia has an extensive wine list and wonderful signature cocktails that run about $10 each.

The food at Vidalia is something very special.  Just about every dish on the menu has onions in it!  This might sound a tad overwhelming for the onion unfriendly but rest assured, the added sweetness of the vidalia onion used brings each dish closer to greatness.  My favorite food picks at Vidalia (all of which remind me of my grandma's southern cooking) are; the shrimp and grits, the macaroni and cheese, and the Georgia peach pie.

For the southern comfort and down right greatness of their food, I'd give Vidalia a 4 hip hop star rating.  The only thing that keeps them from a 5 is the price of the cocktails.  I wonder if they have happy hour??


  1. The maryland jumbo lump crab cake with sweet corn maque choux, spicy crab butter was off the chain...

    as was the "low country greens"